Dynamics of Civic Networks

This project with Paul Lichterman (USC Sociology) and Chris Weare (USC Price) explores the role of organizational culture in the dynamics of networks. The dataset combines social network data of 229 organizations in the Los Angeles affordable housing field with ethnographic observations of a set of key organizations. Taking this multi-method approach, we observe network changes leading up to and following a split in a major advocacy coalition. We argue that the network emerged around goals of collective action but then broke apart due to conflicting cultural perspectives.

Sponsor: National Science Foundation grants SES-071976 and SES-1024478



Here is our presentation “Collaboration and Culture” at the USC Bedrosian Center in March 2012.

Weare, C., Lichterman, P., & Esparza, N. 2012. Collaboration and Culture: Organizational Culture and the Dynamics of Collaborative Networks. USC Bedrosian Center Working Paper.

Lichterman, P., & Esparza, N., & Weare, C. 2012. The Fraught Unity of Civic Coalitions: A Cultural-Interactionist Approach to Networks.