Curriculum Vitae

A PDF version of my CV.nicole

Current Academic Position

Assistant Professor,

Sol Price School of Public Policy

University of Southern California


2007    Ph.D.   Sociology, Princeton University

Dissertation Title: Shelters, Soup Kitchens, and Supportive Housing: An Open Systems Analysis of the Field of Homeless Assistance Organizations

Committee: Paul DiMaggio (chair), Martin Ruef, Viviana Zelizer

2003    M.A.    Sociology, Princeton University

2000    B.A.    Sociology, University of California, Berkeley


Nonprofits, interorganizational and social networks, poverty and urban inequality

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Esparza, N., & Weare, C. Meet Up or Move On? How Culture Impacts Norms of Collective Action. Accepted at Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly’s special issue on Elinor Ostrom.

Weare, C., & Esparza, N., & Lichterman, P. Forthcoming. Culture and Collaboration: Organizational Culture in Action, Policy Studies Journal.

Esparza, N. Forthcoming. The Diffusion of Ten Year Plans to End Homelessness, Social Service Review.

Esparza, N., & Walker, E.T., & Rossman, G. 2014. Trade Associations and the Legitimation of Entrepreneurial Movements: Collective Action in the Emerging Gourmet Food Truck Industry, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 43:143S–162S.

Esparza, N. 2013. Diffusion of Corporate Philanthropy: Economic and Institutional Effects on the Establishment of Company-Sponsored Foundations, 1950-2000, Social Forces.

Esparza, N., & Jeon, S. 2013. Interlocking Boards of Trustees and Grant Acquisition, Public Performance & Management Review, 36: 637-664.

Rossman, G., Esparza, N., & Bonacich, P. 2010. I’d like to Thank the Academy, Multiplicative Productivity, and Social Networks, American Sociological Review, 75: 31-51.

Esparza, N. 2009. Community Factors Influencing the Prevalence of Homeless Youth Services. Child and Youth Services Review, 31: 1321-1329.


Works Under Review

Lichterman, P., Esparza, N., & Weare, C. The Fraught Unity of Civic Coalitions: A Cultural Approach to Networks. (revise & resubmit at American Journal of Sociology).

Esparza, N. From Fixing Prices to Fixing Images: Corporate Contributions as a Strategic Response to Scandal (revise & resubmit at American Sociological Review).

Esparza, N. Patterns of Interlocking Boards of Directors: The Search for Specific and Complementary Knowledge.

Esparza, N., & Hamilton, P. How the Spatial Concentration of Nonprofits Can Explain Sector Size.